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No patents on beer!

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Diversity, not Patents!

Campaign against beer patents

ARCHE NOAH mobilises against the recent patents on barley and beer

As a not-for-profit Austrian association ARCHE NOAH works to perserve and spread the diversity of cultivated plants. We maintain over 6,000 accessions of rare vegetables, fruits and grains in our ARCHE NOAH seed bank. We also advocate for better laws and actively support policies that promote biodiversity, ensure healthy and tasty food and strengthen the rights of small-scale farmers.
The aim of ARCHE NOAH’s campaign “Vielfalt statt Patente!” (“Diversity not Patents!”) is to mobilise against the recent patents on barley and beer in Austria and thereby put pressure on Carlsberg and Heineken to withdraw their highly controversial patents. Therefore, we invite our supporters to enjoy consciously and to buy alternative beer brands.
Heineken owns the largest brewery company in Austria, the Brau Union. Several well-known brands like Edelweiss, Gösser, Kaiser, Puntigamer, Reininghaus, Schladminger, Schlossgold, Schwechater, Wieselburger and Zipfer are part of this company. The Austrian government supports our position on patents on barley and beer. However, now the time has come to put words into action!
To keep up the pressure on politicans and cooperations, ARCHE NOAH is launching a campaign against the beer-patents on Facebook

From 23.03.17 to 26.04.17 ARCHE NOAH launces a photo campaign “Prost auf die Vielfalt” (Cheers to the diversity!” Each photo becomes a puzzle piece for one big picture that shows how much we value diversity. Take a photo with your beer glass and join us! Send it to and tell us in one sentence why you prefer diversity.

For more information please visit the ARCHE NOAH Homepage

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