no patents on beer! — Signatures to the EU Parliament (2012)

No patents on beer!

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Signatures to the EU Parliament (2012)

European patent law at crossroads

70,000 signatures against patents on seeds handed to the President of the European Parliament

A spokesperson of the coalition, Ruth Tippe, demanded that effective action should be taken against the monopolisation of resources which are needed for food production: “European patent law is at a crossroads. The European Parliament has to take the initiative to safeguard free access to seeds and breeding materials. Large corporations have to be prevented from taking control over our natural resources, required for our daily lives.”

Within the next coming months, the European Parliament took a decision on the so-called European Unitary Patent. The coalition of No Patents on Seeds, is demanding that especially the interests of small and medium sized breeders, farmers and consumers are respected by this new law. It urges that access to breeding materials as well as marketing of seeds and livestock cannot be restricted by patents and seeks legal clarification on this issue.

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